I largely write for the sake of writing, but I hope and take comfort in knowing that sometimes that helps others. For the last couple years though, writing has been a real struggle. I hope aolium will help me. I don't intend it to replace my blog, but I do hope to supplement it with some shorter form content and links - things that might have belonged on Twitter and Reddit before they became what they are.

This is also a technology playground for me. I've been a lot of Zig lately, and I wanted to dogfood it. Aolium is largely open source and is powered by a number of my libraries, such a http.zig, log.zig and cache.zig.

The bear favicon comes from Freepik - Flaticon

Post Feed

Use www.aolium.com/$USER.json or www.aolium.com/$USER.xml to get a JSON or Atom feed.

The .json feed accepts two booleans: html and full, both default to true. When html=false the raw text will be returned (else, we'll try to convert markdown to HTML). When full=false the text for long type posts will be excluded. For pages that display a list of posts, such are aolium's own post list, excluding this field is more efficient.

The .xml feed accepts the html boolean, which defaults to true.





While logged in, you can review your pending comments at www.aolium.com/$user/comments.

For scripting purposes, you can anonymously access www.aolium.com/$user/comments/count which will return a count of pending comments.