Hello from aolium

A long time ago I learnt that there's no substitute for writing a consumer for your own API. You flush out so much awkwardness and bugs. It's dogfooding.

Lately, I've been writing a lot of Zig. I wrote an http server library, a websocket server library, an LRU cache, a validation framework just to name a few. I've been itching to use these in a real application, to improve them via dogfooding.

Seemingly unrelated, I've also been struggling to blog, despite trying to make a real effort. And I'm pretty much done with Twitter. And Apollo is dead. It's all just blah.

I decided to create aolium.com to try to address, at least to some degree, these two issues. It's really a mix of two things: a real world place for me to test some code (i.e. my Zig libraries) and something that can supplement my blogging. I'm interested in exploring micro-content (ala twitter), short-form content (between a tweet and a blog post) and also a place to share links now and again; while my blog remains for long form content.

I don't plan on adding a ton of feature, but there's definitely some things on my radar (there's something extremely unsatisfying about writing in a textarea!) . And it itself is probably going serve as inspiration for a lot of my upcoming content (i.e. the HTML is being rendered in nginx/openresty directly, I think that's kind of neat).

For now, if you have any questions or feedback, either email me (it's on my blog) or create an issue in the github repo (ya, I'll add a readme tomorrow, I'm tired now).

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