If you set synchronous_commit = off in postgresql.conf, you open yourself up to a small window of data loss (but not data corruption) and gain faster writes. It can even be set on a per-transaction basis. Unless you really can't afford data loss, I'd set it to off even in production.

Setting fsync = false can result in data loss AND data corruption. It should absolute not be set to false in production, but in development? Unless a corruption is a big concern, I always disable fsync.

Database paging: offset vs cursor

The official Firefox Multi-Account containers is a huge reason to prefer Firefox. It's a really shitty UX, especially since it should be one of their key features. But being able to have youtube.com run in its own "container" logged into Google, while having all other tabs not logged into Google is pretty big privacy win.

Feels like EPYC has changed the game a little. Last year I got 2 cores, 4GB RAM and 60GB SSD for ~100USD/year.

This year it was 4 cores, 8GB and 60SSD for ~$70USD/year. Feels like it's largely driven by high EPYC core count.

Prices in Asia are pretty bad, you could do better in Europe. This is for my own blog and a few small things. 2 cores was plenty, but why not double it for less money?

Custom JSON serialization in Zig

I never really understood Herbert's description of Dune as "beware of heroes." Yes, Muad'Dib's jihad caused the death of billions and sterilisation of planets, but the alternative seemed to be outright [eventual] extinction. Herbert created a universe in which humanity was doomed, created actual gods (Paul and Leto), and then criticised people (e.g. us) for following them.

Systemd hardening is frustrating and depressing
Hello from aolium
String binary search in Zig

I've been using the same regular expression for emails for decades: \S+@\S+\.\S+.

I think you get diminishing returns from more complicated patterns, and could end up with false negatives

I was looking up how to trim a string in Lua and ended up on this page (1). It includes 15 options, none of which, at first glance, are super obvious. Hardly my only complaint re the language. C++ has Rust, C has Zig, how is there not a popular modern replacement for Lua yet?

(1) http://lua-users.org/wiki/StringTrim

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